Visiting the Lala Land Singapore: Universal Studios Mania

Day two is Universal Studios Mania. I’ve never been to one and I’ve heard amazing stories about it, so I was pretty excited. They had amazing rides and not that kid-friendly so it was really different from Disney or Legoland. I was also looking forward to the whole Egypt look in The Mummy. Egypt is actually on my bucket list, placing third on the list of countries I want to see. I’ve also seen photos of my friends and those were believable enough. Once, I even thought they were able to go to Egypt. This day in USS was so fun I didn’t even feel all that tired. I hope I could see Universal Studios in Japan soon. I heard they got Hogwarts there!


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Visiting the Lala Land Singapore: Legoland Mania Malaysia


We started rolling at 6AM going to our official hotel accommodation – Fragrance Hotel, Bugis – and left our luggage at their lobby. Their staffs were very friendly and accommodating. It was pretty small, but it was neat and modern. It’s also accessible to anywhere. If we look at Singapore’s map, the hotel was just a walk away from everywhere. I’m also amazed how they know the exact taxi fare whenever we asked them how much it would cost should we take the cab.

The taxi drivers in Singapore were very friendly too. The second cab we rode in from Arab Street to Middle Road gave us tips where to go, what to see and a little history about the buildings. We were very happy that everyone could speak English. My Singapore trip was really different from my Hongkong a year ago.

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Visiting the Lala Land, Singapore!

Finally, my Singapore travel post. I’ve been dragging this for six months now and I was finally able to get a hold of some nice photos from my cousin’s camera. I was so tired that taking good photos was on the very back of my mind.

I went to Singapore last April and went home the first week of May. That trip was really tiring, very expensive and very bitin. Nevertheless, seeing a glimpse of the first-world country was amazing.


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Walk by Faith

It’s been days since I last had my quiet time and lately I’ve been depressed and was in need of a heavy accountability talk. Somehow, I came upon the life of Joseph in Genesis 39 and read through till the early chapters of Exodus. I think we all know the story but I think I’ve left out some points to ponder on.

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What happened to your faith

A day ago, I heard that someone I know will be sent onshore to the client’s side. I can’t say I’m really happy, but I am 50% happy for that person. The other 50% is resentment and bitterness (not towards the person but to how my career shaped up in that company). I can tell myself I’m far better than that person and yet I am not given the chance to be sent onshore due to the project’s budgets constraints. I can blame the project Continue reading

Off to a New Beginning

I started going to my new job just this Monday and I was crying the night I went home.. in the train.. like a drama queen!

I just found out that my shift was changed to night as we needed to do knowledge transition from the US team and we need to catch up on their time. So I cried, because this wasn’t what I asked God – this is exactly what I didn’t want. I had to whine to Him on my quiet Continue reading

Turning 23

Turning 23 is odd. I woke up not feeling anything special, at all. While stepping into the shower that morning of April 8, I realized I won’t be able to sing along and relate to Taylor Swift’s song called 22. Boohoo. Continue reading

You are the expert, can you or can you not do it?

Writer and filmmaker Lauris Beinerts beautifully captures what it’s like to be an expert in a technical field during a “big picture” business meeting. This short film is based on the Russian short story, “The Meeting”, by writer Alexei Berezin.

I hope you can relate and enjoy watching. :)



London, my love. I can’t wait for God to let me see you and hold you and smell you and just experience you. When I get the chance to actually go there and have a real picture taken, I’ll go back to this day when I have only dreamed of you.

London, my love.

Why It Never Worked Out

While walking on the way home and occasionally bumping to lovebirds holding hands, hugging and displaying all sorts of affection, I have gotten myself to ask why I was never that kind of girl back when I was dating someone. And sometimes, in one of the many Saturday afternoons of lying in the couch and staring at the ceiling, I contemplate why it never worked out as much as we wanted and tried to, why it never ended the way we would have liked it to, and why I was never the sweet girlfriend he expected me to be. Continue reading

Moving Mountains

Technically, that is.

The past three days were a whirlwind of mistake after mistake. It was like a series of unfortunate events. We were tired and we were sleepy, but we had to keep our head in the game.

And to be honest, I don’t even know how to describe it all. But somehow, it filled three pages of my journal each day, which summed up to 9 pages by Tuesday evening.

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Say YES to Greater Things

I’m pretty skeptical to things I hear and learn, so I try to ask questions as much as I can and I try to listen to everyone’s answers and questions as well.

One thing I have found interesting to learn lately is the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doubting whatsoever, but I like digging in. One question was answered awhile ago, which made me curious even more. Continue reading

Haiyan Aftermath, watching from the sideline

It’s been more than a week now since Yolanda first made its landfall in the islands of Samar and Leyte. Help has been coming through from various countries and reporters have been flocking around Tacloban and Samar for fresh news and videos for the world to know.
I remember a day before  November 9, our management got us into a quick huddle and explained accountability and safety. The options were laid out on a powerpoint presentation wherein you can work from home, get to the office if the situation is safe, and always always ask for help from the company’s hotlines if in critical situation.
I went home early as PAGASA forecasted that landfall will be at 2AM Friday, and I woke up the next day disappointed that it wasn’t raining whatsoever. Thinking about it, I am ashamed of myself. When I was having a deep slumber, excited to hear the sound of rain, people were dying and running for their lives from the wrath of the biggest typhoon ever existed on Earth. According to a journalist from Samar who covered the devastating event, the typhoon made landfall earlier than expected and people were took shelter in gymnasiums as evacuation center. But a storm surge happened, wherein the wind was too much that the waters from the ocean rose up so high and started flooding the places. It was like multiple tsunamis with strong winds and heavy rains. The gymnasiums weren’t enough to keep the people safe, they had to move to a higher ground, which they didn’t have time to do so.
Seeing the photos and videos taken during and after the storm from newscasters who have covered the historic event, I felt like my heart was being ripped out. Babies, children, adults, animals, properties – all washed out and destroyed in just two hours. The very basic necessities a human needs were all gone.
Typhoon Haiyan – Tacloban
It was reported that the President was disappointed at how the local government had handled the situation. Most of the people would blame the national administration. Some would blame PAGASA for not explaining the term “storm surge” and for not elaborating the possible events that might have happened, which indeed happened. Provision from the government did not arrive as fast as everyone wanted. And the netizens are in rage, throwing stick and stones, most specifically to the government, to the president and to the corrupt politicians, even dragging names such as Janet Napoles. There are too much going on, too many words exchanged, and a great number of dead people and citizens who need help.
First, the Philippines is an archipelago and a third-world country. We should not think Philippines the way it is not. We do not have the facilities to make the relief effort faster. We don’t have the capacity to make everyone as safe as they should be. We are not US, Japan, Europe or UAE. We are not supposed to compare ourselves to such countries. The discipline of these people is so much different from ours.
Remember Fukushima? Strong earthquake and gigantic tsunamis. My mom and I were talking about it one dinner and I relayed to her how devastating the result was and how I wanted to help. Mom being Mom, who has been to many places and saw how life works out there, answered me “Japan can handle that. They’re a strong, rich and very disciplined country. They have always known how to handle such situations. Everyone’s aware of what could happen to their country, today or tomorrow.” I’m not sure if the countries who are helping us right now have helped Japan the way they do in Philippines. As far as I know, they’ve helped, but not as much as the way they help Philippines, because they know, for a fact, that Japan can handle it, they’ve always did.
The government can be partially to blame, as they receive help from allies which is supposed to be invested in facilities in case there are wars and such. I guess this is a wake-up call to the government and to every Filipino. This is actually the result of the extreme corruption in Philippines. Because of this, we have not invested enough to high-technology facilities and equipments. Always take note though, this is not because of PNoy, of his incompetence, of his slowness to react to such tragedies. Please don’t forget that two months ago, Bohol was also struck by a huge earthquake and now this. Which is which, both needs help. Obviously, Philippines couldn’t handle this for now.
May this tragedy be a daily reflection to everyone, especially to the ones who are in a position, that maybe it is time for a change. This is the change that everyone always wanted – integrity and discipline. These two characters will fuel the change that we Filipinos want. These two will stop corruption. These two will lead Philippines soaring high.
This is not a time to play the blame game. This is not a time to point out the flaws of the government, to point out the character of Filipinos (because as much as we tell ourselves that the Filipino spirit is the strongest in time of calamities, we can’t deny the fact that we’ve lost lives due to neglection, stubbornness and to “bahalana” system), and to highlight the helplessness of the country.
Let’s stop talking. Let’s stop throwing blames. Instead, let’s all stand up and actually help. If you think you can do better than the government, then that’s good. But don’t let our words be just words. Let’s always remember that actions speak louder than words, and so much better. Let’s help in any way we can. If we find the government slow enough, then if possible, let’s volunteer all the way out to Tacloban, Samar and Capiz and let’s show them that this is how it’s done. But until you are not actually doing anything, you have no right to start blabbing and bashing around anyone. Your comments and status and blog posts won’t be able to feed thousands of people.
If we are to be positive and look at the bigger picture, almost all major countries, even China who we have territorial feud with, are helping the Philippines. This shows that it is possible to help each other and actually be in cease-fire. Perhaps, this may be the first step to our much wished-for “world peace”.
For donations, please visit the following:

May the good Lord bless your souls.

You don‘t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will. – John 13:7

7 Ways to Spend Rainy Nights

I love rain, except for days when I have activities that need Mr. Sunshine, but for most part, I love rain, always, always. Rain gives me this gloomy mood, not the bad kind of gloomy, but more of a melancholic gloomy mood.

I could have just said melancholy, right? Yes, it makes me dive into memories, scrolling endlessly on my Pictures folder. It makes me think about life, like what do I dream becoming of? It makes me ponder about love and how it went wrong and how will God reveal to me the right one. And most of the times, it makes me take a good long shower, with candles all over the bath room and a soft piano music playing around. It just makes me feel like a woman worthy to be taken serious of.

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9 Little Things that Make me Happy

When I was in school a few years back, I thought what would make me really happy are the things that I was planning to buy when I get my pay every month. I listed it all down before, beside my 50 things that I should do in life before I die list. But then, as I go through the days as a career lady, I realized, the things that I took for granted when I was in college, are the very things that I treasure now. Continue reading